About the Author

Dr Matt Schiller
MBBS (Hons I), BA (Philosophy), GCertTeach

Matt is a medicine and philosophy graduate of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He tutors and lectures in neuroanatomy at UNSW, and has also held a variety of positions at its residential colleges, including Assistant Dean of New College Village in 2012. Since sitting the HSC in 2005, Matt has maintained an interest in teaching HSC Chemistry.

EasyChem launched in January 2010.

Based on experience with many HSC Chemistry resources and their deficiencies, the following three principles were kept in mind throughout the construction of EasyChem:
  • Treatment of the syllabus dot-point by dot-point.
  • Simple, clear presentation and organisation, and fully hyperlinked.
  • An ideal level of detail - neither too short nor unnecessarily long.

Furthermore, it has always been a completely free resource, available to all students.